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J u s t M y C i t i e s

Grow your Business + Grow your City

Marketing, Social, and Community wrapped into one!


Launch Date JANUARY 2017.


Giving Back Central on JustMy (mod)

will be the brand and section on JustMy sites to showcase local non profits, to promote community events, and to provide tools for support of local agencies.  JustMy will partner with service providers to provide some services at a discount to local community organizations.  Setting up a 501c3 for example will be much cheaper for users of Giving Back Central.  JustMy has negotiated a discounted rate from industry providers to help new non profits get up and going.  Our providers will do joint educational platforms to help non profit organizations.

The PhotoBooth brought to you by Duncan Williams Inc will be moved into this brand for the Memphis market.  JustMyCities is currently rebuilding our system database to allow for many of our services to be provided by our websites instead of being done by staff.

This is an effort to support the people that your working hard to support our communities.  This brand will be used in all markets and will be a part of the SoloMi Hispanic sites as well.

The first look at our new App, SoloMiMemphis, and our new Beacon Service are just around the corner!  


#BeAmazing: Your Business

JustMyMemphis puts a spotlight on your business with tools you can use on our site and any other site to promote your business. Tools like your own digital brochure and professional videos created just for your business.

#BeAmazing: Be Social

Next we like and share your events, special offers, and announcements on our social networks to help you get more traffic from your social sharing.

#BeAmazing: Be Supportive

JustMyMemphis connects your business with video and positive story sponsorship to the change makers in our area. Your business gets to be front and center with the positive stories going on in our city!

#BeAmazing: Your Actions

JustMyMemphis will help you help the community! Tell us about the causes you want to promote and we will get out in the community and cover the stories with and for you!


Our Location

Corporate Office

Contact Info

Jerome Robinson
3861 Charbon Ln Bartlett,
TN 38133


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Join us in sharing the best of Memphis . . .

We cover the entire city.  Giving a voice to individuals, organizations, and business owners working to create a better Memphis!